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Form vs. Function – two different latch/handle approaches

Form vs. Function is a long running debate. Like it or not Form and Function are intrinsically linked, especially in the case of something we deal with quite so physically as a handle – so iconic in fact that it finds broad application in our everyday language – we handle information, problems etc, even though we do not ever touch them. This intimacy with such an everyday object inevitably gives rise to a strong element of visual interest – of form – as well as function. It is this duality of roles that we seek to fulfil in the design of our cabinet handles. Two examples readily demonstrate both aesthetic form – in a rugged, practical, inviting, tactile and ergonomic sense, as well as delivering up to the expectations raised in case of use, reliability and performance criteria.

1130 and 1091 latch handles

The 1130 is an IP65 recessed T handle with clip – it is flush fitting and importantly also has a compression locking function which makes it suitable for vibration prone applications such as road and rail transport.

In similar fashion rugged good looks are displayed by the 1091 stainless steel heavy duty latch – available with key insert and/or padlock facility it is an excellent example of ergonomic design – in this case for operation with gloved hands in cold environments.