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Home Extended custom gasket profiles with new tooling capability

Extended custom gasket profiles with new tooling capability

EMKA Gasket tooling capability

As most people know we have a truly extensive range of standard gasket profiles in materials such as EPDM, neoprene, PVC, black nitrile, natural rubber, and silicone, but as engineers often find there can be advantages to a custom design. So, we are delighted that our manufacturing division have taken the step of adding further investment toward in-house tooling capability for custom profiles to suit specialist enclosures, automotive applications, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, railside housings and similar.

This custom capability includes custom materials for medical use, fire protection and HVACR (e.g. VDI 6022 covering hygiene standards including biological protection, for example against Legionnaires disease).

Custom profiles cover hollow sections, expanded foam, solid sections, filling sections, multi-component designs, multi-materials for complex gaskets, seamless production with steel spines and vulcanised pre-assembled frames for quick-fit installation.

These extruded sections provide a simple and effective means of aiding customers in sealing to common IP ratings such as IP44, IP55, IP65, IP66 protecting against ingress of dust or liquids when installed face-to-face between a door and cabinet frame. Other sections install edge-to-face and yet others seal inspection windows or provide a wiping action. Paint protection and compensation of varying gap thicknesses are further important uses for gasket sections.

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