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Enhancing aluminium casting capabilities

EMKA Aluminium die casting

The quality and cost of our Aluminium casting is critical to our custom series production capability and we are therefore delighted that the EMKA Group has acquired the specialist company GSB ­Aluminium GmbH nearby to our main factory. With around 80 employees, the company is an established player in the production of aluminium die casting, aluminium forging and aluminium friction welding, which enhances our capability to service customer needs across the whole industrial hardware sector.

The aim of this structural expansion is to manufacture aluminium components of the highest quality for customers worldwide and, if necessary, to develop them in advance as a development partner. With this manufacturing strategy, we believe the EMKA Group has further expanded the scope of its production possibilities under the brand EMKA Aluminium GmbH.

We look forward to making this expanded capability available to customers in the UK – please contact us to discuss your requirements so as to benefit from this new resource