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EMKA swinghandles in industrial robotics

EMKA handle on robotics enclosure

Industrial robots are used in the automotive, electronics, and medical technology industries to perform tasks such as palletising, cutting, and welding – all areas where EMKA cabinet hardware is often called for.

One such company is KUKA who are developing modular control cabinets for their robot controller and the central power supply. These modular control cabinets protect the sensitive electronic system against unauthorised access and prevent water and dust ingress.

The story of customer/manufacturer co-operation reflects the responsive nature of EMKA’s engineering sales team. The heart of the design is a modular swiveling lever system that features impressive variability and the rapid exchange of different locking devices.  In particular the flat design of the pre-assembled and spring-loaded EMKA swivel handle and the use of flame-retardant plastic parts were especially important.

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