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EMKA reacts to requirements of the Rail industry

EMKA Railway swinghandle

Open sesame: one swinghandle, multiple security levels!

As an experts for hardware components in the rail sector our engineers have reacted to the changing requirements of the rail industry and developed a flat swinghandle with interchangeable components. On the one hand, the new handle creates flexibility for the customer and, on the other hand it increases the safety level in hazardous areas.

With this extremely flat swinghandle, which is installed outside the seal, we reduce the risk of people getting caught on the handles and injuring themselves. By installing it outside the seal, the handle is no longer in the direct danger or fire area and can be made of high-quality die-cast zinc. This also makes it more attractive in terms of price.

This new flat design EMKA swinghandle has an ingenious feature which ensures a high degree of flexibility – by designing the divided recess as a module in the lower area, this allows the locking modules to be exchanged from the front of the cabinet – without the need for time-consuming dismantling of the entire handle. The following interchangeable modules are available: profile half cylinder, Kaba cylinder, round cylinder, and various actuators.