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Home EMKA hardware for Power Electronics cabinets – developing relationships to combat climate change

EMKA hardware for Power Electronics cabinets – developing relationships to combat climate change

EMKA hardware for Power Electronics cabinets

A clean and sustainable world for future generations is the vision of Power Electronics and of their hardware partner EMKA. Founded 35 years ago, Power Electronics is the world’s leading supplier of energy storage systems and the premier manufacturer of solar inverters in America, Oceania, and Europe. The battery and energy storage system producer is currently part of over 1,600 renewable energy projects worldwide. It has already prevented over 60.5 million tons of CO2 emissions into the environment with the goal of creating a clean and sustainable world for future generations.

Power Electronics manufactures thousands of electronic inverters and chargers each year so the company’s managers were looking for a hardware supplier that could offer a complete package of services to meet their needs. These systems had to include development, design, production, and sales. They found a suitable supplier and partner in EMKA leading to a productive cooperation with this world market leader for locking systems, hinges and seals for use in switch and control cabinets which started in 2015 and now encompasses an ever-expanding range of system housings.

Besides the expertise and excellent price-performance ratio, the high quality of the locking systems – certification according to the UL standard – was an important factor. Furthermore, the global networking of EMKA stood out with its many offices around the world. “The mix of local partner and globally networked company was very attractive to us,” explains one of the central purchasing team at Power Electronics.

“EMKA can quickly support us not only locally but also with our customers worldwide.” they explained.

Since 2015, EMKA has been supplying a large part of the locking systems used at the battery storage manufacturer. These systems are used in inverter stations, e-chargers and industrial enclosures. The annual order scope includes a complete locking system: swinghandles from the award-winning 1325 series, rod controls for multiple interlocking, hinges, and quarter turn locks, as well as gasket seals developed specifically for Power Electronics. “Using our in-house production of seals, we are able to implement even short-term orders from Power Electronics quickly and with the highest quality,” explains an EMKA team member. In addition to three gasket types from the existing range, Power Electronics is also supplied with a number of special gaskets developed in-house.

With their impressive portfolio of electrical energy management equipment, Power Electronics can reduce CO2 emissions while contributing significantly to the funding of renewable energies – so that with seven years of successful co-operation these two companies can move forward to fight climate change as part of the world-wide effort to save the planet.