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EMKA handles for doors and drawers

EMKA 1095 program - bow/bridge, tubular and chest handles for industry

Common handles for doors and drawers come in a huge variety of styles and sizes under the labels of grab, pull, bow, bridge, tubular, drawer handles – we are all used to seeing and using them every day – if not at work then at home. So it is worth drawing attention to the idea that industrial handles differ importantly from the more domestic types.

Invariably they are designed for safe, simple and easy function, without adornments that could catch on clothing – strangely a potential hazard apparently little considered by kitchen designers among others. Invariably their design involves a significant measure of concern for their strength, especially as they get larger, for example in respect of tubular handles where double handed operation of heavy panels may be envisaged.

No surprise then that EMKA engineers are well up with this sort of thing and have established a full range of industrial handles for cabinets, enclosures and access panels.