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EMKA Compression Latches – all the convenience of a Quarter-Turn with the benefit of extra compression

EMKA compression latches - all the convenience of a quarter-turn with the benefit of extra compression

We are delighted to stock a wide range of compression locks and latches for immediate delivery and for installation to an ever-widening range of applications. Typically, modular compression latches/locks fit the same format as quarter-turns, but with the addition of another 90 degree turn they offer a substantial extra pull-down on the gasket (usually 6mm) providing a greatly enhanced sealing security up to IP69K. The compression mechanism itself confers the further major benefit of vibration resistance – so mitigating against nuisance opening on vibration-prone installations such as specialist vehicles and HVACR systems.

They are a sophisticated design for issues requiring elevated IP ratings and vibration concerns where compression locks offer a simple buy-and-fit solution for specialist panel builders. This combination of simplicity and effectiveness has proven an irresistible package with significant application where more complex or less practical solutions had previously been employed.

Compression locks have become especially popular in the hygiene area where stainless variants such as the EMKA 1000 program offer IP69K sealing, corrosion-resistance, vibration-resistance and hygiene regulation compliance for high pressure wash-down areas.