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EMKA at Data Centre World

Rack Management System with EMKA Agent E locking handle

Visitors will be able to see how, by leveraging a combination of electromechanical handle, software and wireless technology, the EMKA system allows individualised access to all cabinets and perpetually supervises the opening and closing processes. In addition, the handles can be easily and quickly adapted to cabinets from different manufacturers. Typically, EMKA provides authentication with an RFID card and Agent E.

Additional levels of security may also be catered for – such as use of an iris scanner that can open the server cabinets remotely. Since the eye profile cannot be mistaken, this authentication method is understood to offer maximum security.

All authorised rack doors may then be shown and can be selected on a display. The selected handles are transmitted to the control unit of the EMKA system and from there the activation is triggered wirelessly through personalised access control down to the cabinet level, Agent E thus enables clear logging and tracing. The entire system thereby consists not only of EMKA secure handles but also includes database-based control software and powerful modules.