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Home EMKA 1155 Swinghandle provides double mode security and IP65 sealing

EMKA 1155 Swinghandle provides double mode security and IP65 sealing

Combination swinghandle from EMKA UK for Data Centre security

Our program 1155 swinghandle is an IP65 three-digit combination lock and cylinder key system which offers simple security on two levels. Applications for the 1155 program include storage lockers in factories, schools and colleges as well as outdoor storage facilities and standard electrical enclosures and cabinets.

This extremely useful and simple swinghandle unit can be operated with the digital thumbwheel combination lock (which may be easily reset), or overridden with a standard cylinder key. The design therefore allows individual cabinets to be accessible to specific engineers, and also to supervisors by master key – even if the combination has been forgotten.

Fitment suitability includes all existing EMKA flat and round rod actuator systems for single, twin and three point closure on larger doors e.g. typically 2m height, accepting simple single or twin hole mounting. Hole dimensions are fully compatible with all 1125, 1150 and 1225 programs and so enable panel builders to use existing standard door punchings for adaptable installation in established cabinet designs.

Protection degree is IP65, achieved with construction in black polyamide. Operation is available either RH or LH.