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Home Electronic Locking System Aids Environmental Awareness

Electronic Locking System Aids Environmental Awareness

Emka electronic access control and environmental monitoring

ELM electronic locking system helps to improve awareness of the environmental status of remote equipment, such as roadside cabinet installations. Increased amounts of equipment in these installations, such as larger processors or battery chargers, and the external climatic elements involved in world specifications, now give rise to major concerns over temperature and humidity control, as well as the access security of equipment.

Global equipment development today means that generic packages are often required to adapt and deal with climatic conditions from Scandinavia to Spain, whether with internal heaters or cooling fans, or both. Our ELM system provides a way to take care of all security issues, including internal thermal/humidity control, as well as cabinet integrity and entry control.

ELM sensor modules allow feedback into the main cabinet security system to give monitoring results and alarms. These may subsequently be fed to a GSM modem which enables reports to be directed to specific mobile phones and/or remote monitoring stations. This can include reports on: over/under temperature; increased/decreased humidity; excessive vibration, e.g. for hard drive failure monitoring; and door open/closed.

ELM software can record this information creating a log and may then be used to institute control responses. The use of a GSM modem in the cabinet also enables validated access to be achieved with a mobile phone acting as a remote keypad for security coded entry. This has the further benefit that the cabinet itself may be constructed without an external handle mechanism, thus removing a vulnerable area in the installation.

Contact us for details of how the ELM system can help improve your environmental awareness.