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EMKA 2018 Electronic Locking Product CatalogueSecurity is our DNA
Data is under constant threat. Physical security is a crucial part of protecting that information. Our patent-pending solutions provide proven security at access points throughout your enterprise, from the building’s front door to every server cabinet door. Compatibility with enterprise systems ensures that your investments are elegantly maximised.

While our customers have never experienced a single security breach through technology, unauthorised access attempts – including those under duress – trigger alerts for immediate response to uphold the highest levels of security. And with an indisputable audit trail, you’ll have an ironclad record of all activity to maintain compliance.

Our Knowledge is Your Power
Proprietary technology secures any type of server cabinet or access point. From a single platform, you can manage access points around the world and monitor in real-time.
– We deliver superior solutions regardless of budgetary constraints
– We have a proven track record of thousands of installations securing some of the world’s largest corporations, military units and intelligence communities.
– We are the only solution available for 100% physical security at every possible point of vulnerability.

EMKA security for cabinet locking Click here to download the 2018 Electronic Locking Product Catalogue

Cabinet Access Products

New 3500 program biometric locking system from EMKA offers greater personnel and data protectionControl Access to Server Cabinets and Boost Regulatory Compliance with an Indisputable Audit Trail
Stopping access control at the data centre door provides no protection against insider theft. That’s why every data privacy rule and regulation – PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA and more – considers the protection of physical assets to be as important as protecting the data stored or processed within those assets.

Cabinet Access Products can be configured in a variety of ways – at the individual cabinet door and/or at the end of a row of cabinets – and feature a wide range of both single and dual-factor authentication methods utilising fingerprint biometrics, RFID smartcard technology and PIN entry.

Bus central controller for up to 32 cabinetsBus is a central controller that distributes control signals and power for to up to 32 cabinets. Choose where the authentication takes place, either at each cabinet or at the end of a row of cabinets. For cabinet level authentication, choose between fingerprint or RFID card. For end of row authentication, the user enters which cabinet door they are attempting to access, then uses any combination of PIN, RFID and fingerprint to authenticate.
Click here for further information on the Bus Central Controller

Sentry from EMKA for physical access control for free-standing server cabinetsSentry is used for physical access control for free-standing, mission critical IT server cabinets that are not located in close physical proximity. It is suitable for both new cabinets or retrofits.
Click here for further information on Sentry

Server Cabinet Locks are available in three formats and can be combined to provide multi-factor authentication in your data centre:

BioLock – a biometric fingerprint cabinet lock solution.

iCardLock – iCard solutions provide the end-user simplicity offered by traditional keycards, but with the benefits of RFID technologies.

ELock – we pride ourselves on offering our customers multifactor authentication, and the eLock system is what makes that possible. The electromechanical cabinet lock lets you use a combination of fingerprints, keycards, iClass cards and traditional keycards.

BioLock from EMKA - biometric fingerprint cabinet lock solution iCardLock from EMKA - with RFID technologies ELock from EMKA - electromechanical cabinet lock DualLock from EMKA - dual-factor authentication device for cabinet locking MultiCardLock from EMKA integrates into any standard cabinet swing-lock handle

DualLock is the industry’s first dual-factor authentication device that combines fingerprint biometrics with RFID smartcard technology. By storing the fingerprint template(s) on the RFID card, DualLock eliminates the requirement of uploading templates to the device, allowing it to integrate with any legacy access control management (ACM) system.

MultiCardLock integrates into any standard cabinet swing-lock handle and features the latest in universal RFID card reader technology. The device is available in two versions: MultiCardLock-HF, capable of reading any high-frequency (13.56 MHz) RFID smartcard, or MultiCardLock – HFLF, capable of reading both high-frequency and low-frequency (125 KHz) prox cards. The versatile MultiCardLock products can integrate with any access control management (ACM) system as well as with control equipment, such as Bus and Sentry.
Click here for further information on Server Cabinet Locks, DualLock & MultiCardLock

Building/Room Access Products

EMKA BioLock - biometric technology at the handle for server securityControl Access to thousands of doors from a single location
Nexus controls access to buildings and rooms with fingerprint and/or RFID identification. The platform is offered in two versions, the Nexus and Nexus Duo. Both versions are available with PIN and fingerprint or with PIN, fingerprint and RFID reader. Like all the products, the Nexus solutions are managed via the DAS-SQL software platform.
Click here for further information on Building/Room Access Products

Digitus Access Software (DAS-SQL)

Anchoring the most secure access control technology in the world
Central enrolment through Access Software – SQL (DAS-SQL) allows for the easy addition of users, followed by unique features for assigning individual or group permissions. Each user can register up to ten fingers, with any two fingers being designated “duress fingers.” Managing who has access on what days/times was never easier. This full function, user friendly software platform anchors an access control platform that has been rated by industry experts as being “the most secure in the world.”
Click here for further information on Digitus Access Software

Fingerprint Scanner

White Papers:
Biometric locking at the cabinet door from the EMKA/Digitus partnership offers many advantages in Data Centre Security against the physical theft of high value and critical data, as described in the following White papers on the subject: