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Did you have a great Summer?

EMKA' summer "green" credentials

Did your business have a great summer? – ours did – and now reviewing the level of business we experienced over the period it seems likely that our customers did as well. So with this experience and some optimistic reports in the national news we are delighted to think that things are beginning to work out well again for British manufacturing industry.  If manufacturers are using lots of locks, handles, hinges, swinghandles and sealing profiles then it seems likely that a sizable  section of UK industry is producing and selling well, and that the finished equipment is being passed down the supply chain – either being installed here in the UK or being exported.

Good news for our industry and good news for the UK.

On the other hand perhaps it is just our fantastic product range, our great ex-stock policy and our lovely service team? If your summer wasn’t so good then call us and see if we can help.