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Home Custom special left and right locking hinge for refrigerator

Custom special left and right locking hinge for refrigerator

EMKA L/R fridge locking hinge

World’s first left-right refrigerator – EMKA developed an innovative locking solution for Dometic with alternate Left/Right opening.

Having a refrigerator as one of the most important features in the interior of a caravan is not an innovation in itself – but a refrigerator that can be opened on both sides is definitely innovative. This versatile solution was only made possible by a locking hinge system jointly developed by EMKA and Dometic.

The refrigerator with the new locking hinge solution can be used universally. It can thus be put anywhere in the kitchen and is perfectly accessible from every side. The door can be opened directly and intuitively from both sides without additionally operating any lever or button. The locking mechanism is designed in such a way that it can also hold up under high loads for a long time. The result of a comprehensive test by EMKA was that the function remains unimpaired even after 30,000 opening and closing operations. Furthermore, it is guaranteed that the locking solution can withstand an acceleration of up to 20G.

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