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Home Correct Installation and Care of Hygiene fasteners

Correct Installation and Care of Hygiene fasteners

EMKA hygiene lock installation

EMKA IP69K stainless steel hygiene compression latches with rounded/double flat or triangular key inserts are EHEDG Certified to make equipment in food processing and other hygiene areas more secure against unauthorised access. They are specially engineered to offer tamper and vibration resistance for most industrial installations and are able to withstand frequent high pressure washes where appropriate.

However, we would like to point out that correct installation and care in use is important for long term effective service of this type of quarter turn latch fasteners. In order to minimise vulnerability to bacterial build up especially in food processing areas EMKA Hygiene latches have a highly polished stainless steel surface and rounded design. Care in correct orientation during installation enables water and contaminants to drain off easily, so reducing accumulation, while use of a special hard plastic key prevents damage to the lock surface, where scratches from a metal key could otherwise offer a site for bacterial build up. In assembling such a lock to an enclosure door, it is also important to ensure that it is fitted to a sufficiently smooth surface and regularly cleaned/maintained in order to preserve integrity of the gasket and it’s seating.

We are pleased to offer detailed guidance on this specialised area of enclosure hardware installation and care, which is available at www.emkablog.co.uk/hygienic-quarter-turn. Correctly installed and cared for these products can save time and replacement costs over an extended lifetime of service.