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Home Compression Swinghandle for Caravans and Specialist Vehicles

Compression Swinghandle for Caravans and Specialist Vehicles

EMKA's new compression swinghandle for caravans and specialist vehicles

The thick double walled and insulated storage/access doors of caravans, gen sets, power packs and other specialist vehicles with light weight cladding call for a compact vibration proof handle such as our new 1342 program swinghandle.

The 1342 swinghandle forms part of our Commercial Vehicle range and features a double-sided construction which adjusts from 15 to 30mm on the U1 version, and 30 to 45mm on the U2 variant. Their wide flanged clamping escutcheons spread the load on delicate skinned panels while ensuring a high degree of sealing to IP65. Dimensions are 88x40mm which achieves a discrete installation for storage boxes, auxiliary doors or other access panels, while incorporating a convenient L handle with multiple lock cylinder options. These options include all standard cylinders used in the caravan industry, as well as the POS clip-in cylinder 9850.

Closure of the 1342 involves a 90° turn to lock the cam, followed by a further 90° turn to pull the cam in by 6mm effecting enhanced sealing and vibration resistance. Opening is the reverse of this process. Construction is in black polyamide with clip-in cylinder and zinc/steel cam.