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Colocation rack monitoring & control update

Colocation access control with Agent E

our ELM rack security system.

The ELM stand alone and network systems are especially designed to meet the constantly developing needs of Data Centre Monitoring with its requirement for high levels of access and enviromnental control and/or monitoring in zone locking formats which can reach down from controlling a whole building, each floor, rooms on the floor, zones in multiple rooms, individual cabinets and of course multiple compartments in a rack.

Our program 3000 stand alone solutions incorporate the ELM electronic locking system together with access control such as keypad input, card reader etc.

On the wider front the full network program works with 1U 19″ subracks and individual top hat DIN rail modules based on 2 or 8 handles each.

Access options include keypads, proximity card reader and remote hardwired operationas well as the Agent E wireless key option. The GSM module for DTMF operation further extends internet access to global control – so that access may be activated from anywhere prefered. The range of environmental monitoring/control modules then ensures that management can be 24/7/365.

Sensors and actuators for the ELM network include flat reed door contacts, climatic sensors for temperature and humidity, accelleration/tilt for vandalism monitoring,voltage control, switched sockets with/without mains monitoring, current and voltage control sensor, also smoke detector.

The ELM software ensures that each rack, compartment or building is fully monitored and controlled in a colocation data centre, fully expandable and fully compatible.