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Cabinet and enclosure hardware for industry

EMKA hardware for industry

Wherever you find a cabinet or enclosure you can also find EMKA providing access control – securing people and equipment across industry – like this production line where we see numerous desks, cabinets, enclosures, boxes and specialist control panels.

“Everything but the enclosure” has been a continuing theme for us in provision of locks, swinghandles, hinges, sealing gasket, latches, handles, catches and related items that go to making high quality housings for electrical and electronic systems. Our panel hardware is available in high grade reinforced polyamide, zinc die and stainless steel to suit environments from the office to the production line and beyond where for example regular pressure wash-down may be required – demanding appropriately high IP ratings.

See our range for “industry” on our website – and if you don’t see what you need then we can probably help you with a custom design.