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Anti-vibration compression latches seal the deal

EMKA anti-vibration compression latches

The engineering team here at EMKA recently expressed their opinion that where the hardware priority for a cabinet installation is to do with the effect of the seal on the door, e.g., to ensure the gasket pulls down to a tight seal, in order to maintain the correct IP rating (up to IP69K), then anti-vibration compression latches are an easy choice. This type of latch also offers a close-and-pull design which protects the gasket from the swiping action of the cam – which can otherwise damage the gasket as it latches. They are readily available in many different designs from quarter turns including L and T handles to recessed flap or chest handles.

In many situations compression latches can also prevent nuisance opening by virtue of their screw or lever type mechanism which is inherently resistant to vibration – a characteristic that is often desired for specialist vehicles both road and rail – also for off-road mobile vehicles and for power generating equipment. Compression latches are also available to meet hygienic area specifications. Configurations include insert lock/latch, cylinder key locking, open/closed indicator, adjustable cam height, wing knob opening, L and T handles, and flush mounting options e.g., for rail applications.

Anti-vibration compression latches are available in stainless steel, zinc die and chrome, zinc die and black powder coat, aluminium hard anodised and stainless steel, polyamide to suit the many situations where their high performance characteristics are desirable.