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Home Adaptable Compression Latches suit deep doors

Adaptable Compression Latches suit deep doors

The EMKA 1000 Program of IP65 compression latches now encompasses a full range of lockable T handle, Wingknob, Square key and L handle variants, with shaft extensions to suit unusually deep door frames up to 95mm. These are expected to be especially useful in acoustic cabinets, genset installations, refrigeration, HVAC and on-board vehicle situations. This extensible shaft variant provides additional depth capability and also permits manual clamping adjustment by means of a threaded feature at the inner end. This enables the compression action to be fine tuned by adjusting the shaft mounted lock nut.

1000 program compression latchesThe 1000 program compression latches (IP65) provide a 6mm axial clamp function so that after closing, when the lock is turned for its first 90° the tab is rotated 90° then stops, as the lock is turned a further 90° this rotation is translated into linear motion bringing the tab 6mm toward the door, thus clamping firmly onto the door frame. This action ensures a very high degree of vibration resistance, as well as added clamping force on the gasket and a “soft” closure action on the door frame. Unlocking is a simple reverse process.

The new extension shaft variants enable these benefits to be achieved with door and frame combinations up to 95mm deep. The square key insert version is also available in standard length for normal depth cabinet door configurations. Our full range of enclosure hardware includes electronic locking systems, stainless steel hinges, spanner locks, wing handle/locks, 19 inch cabinet locks, HVAC locks and profile sealing strips for enclosure sealing in natural rubber, EPDM, neoprene and PVC.