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A story of door seals, rubber extrusions and rubber mouldings……..

The what, why and how of rubber specifications for sealing profiles - a whitepaper from EMKA UK

Let me tell you a story ……. from our earliest days we have been involved with sealing cabinet doors – and whatever you call them “extruded sealing profiles” are essential to the good in-service performance of your enclosure. Not only do we have more than 500 sections with or without spring clip mounted spine – we now offer neoprene, EPDM, PVC, black nitrate and natural rubber.

Specialist but standard varients include fire resistant UL 94 VO and 94HB types as well as EMC versions.

We continue to find IP66 a performance aspiration in the general industry and are able to address this with correct profile selection plus our fully vulcanised jointing service for pre-assembled gasket rings and frames to custom dimensions – not only enhancing performance but also reducing costs. Contact us for your custom quotation.