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Quick fit IP69 fully insulated enclosure lock from EMKA

Our new Program 1000 IP69 lock is a snap together design with exceptional sealing (against high pressure steam jet wash) and full electrical insulation. It is well suited to a range of frequent wash down area applications such as those to be found in food processing situations. This includes control cabinets and enclosures, as well as Read more

1056 plastic 180 degree clip-together hinge from EMKA UK

Our innovative new 1056 180° hinge design packages a number of features of value to specialist enclosure and cabinet builders where it offers rapid fixing, together with high performance and low cost. This new 1056 program hinge is highly suited to simple box and lid installations where substantial quantity production is envisaged at low component Read more

Dual height twist fit round rod guide from EMKA UK

Round rod locking systems are the traditional multi-point closure and locking system for electrical/electronic cabinets, so we are delighted to offer a new “tip-on-and-twist” quick fit guide which makes the whole installation process so much easier. Not only is the U47 guide quicker to fit, it also replaces two previous heights of screw-on rod guides Read more

EMKA precision fit closure technology secures robotic controls

For decades, the Robotics and Automation group KUKA has relied on EMKA’s precision fit closures and hinges. So, when they were developing new modular control cabinets for their robot controller and central power supply, the team at EMKA was an obvious choice. Security is vital on these control cabinets which protect the sensitive electronic system Read more

EMKA Plug in gaskets

Our plug in sealing profiles are probably the quickest and easiest way of installing a gasket to an enclosure or cabinet door – no peeling off backing, no cutting corners, no stiff spine to manipulate – just simply push into a channel and trim at the end. We have EPDM in many styles and a selection Read more

EMKA hollow section enclosure gasket to fit door channel

Our program 1003 hollow gasket is a mainstay for sealing of enclosure doors where they can easily be fitted into a channel around the periphery of the door giving a face to face contact on the enclosure frame. These rectangular sealing profile sections offer a relatively soft compression for exclusion of dust and water, while Read more

EMKA toggle and hook latches - quick and convenient spring closure

Toggle latches, over-centre catches, wire toggles, spring catches and so on are a common quick action method of closure for packing of equipment or temporary fitting of masks/jigs etc. So we are pleased that as market leader in enclosure hardware we here at EMKA UK have a comprehensive range for specialist OEMs, installers, manufacturers and Read more

Toggle Latches from EMKA UK for commercial vehicle applications

EMKA Toggle Latches are ideal for quick action closure for boxes, cases, cabinets, luggage, and equipment and are available in steel and stainless steel to suit the environment anticipated in transit or onboard a specialist vehicle. Program 6000 toggle latches come in wire loop and rigid loop formats also spring loaded types and special variants Read more

Quick assembly IP69K quarter-turn latch from EMKA

Our new quarter-turn latch combines the ruggedness of zinc die with robust engineering grade polyamide in an IP69K quick clip-fit assembly which enables time and cost savings in the production phase of enclosures, housings and access panels, while ensuring an exceptionally high degree of sealing for harsh environments. Insert/escutcheon assemblies are available in zinc die/polyamide, polyamide/zinc Read more

Clip-in pull handles from EMKA for a quick sliding action

Our 1091 program handles are an easy fit clip-in recessed pull handle for sliding equipment panels or doors, or for light duty lifting, e.g. of storage boxes or portable instruments. They are manufactured in black polyamide but can also be custom moulded in polycarbonate. Standard 1091 handles accommodate from 0.8mm to 2.2mm panel thickness dependent upon Read more