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Home 180 degree stainless hinge for larger doors

180 degree stainless hinge for larger doors

1110-U120-PH stainless hinge

Our 1110-U120-PH is a lift-off stainless steel hinge with simple screw fixing. Its clever design optimally maintains the integrity of cabinet doors – by requiring only screw hole punchings – not cut outs, and so usefully aids door rigidity. The strength comes from AISI 316 castings with fine-ground finish in a simple elegant design which enables rapid door removal by a simple lift-off process, for installation of doors or for straightforward equipment maintenance.

The 1110-U120-PH hinge program in stainless steel accommodates 26mm door returns with 180° opening. This is ideal for use on adjacently situated suites of cabinets in corrosive wash down environments or for harsher situations e.g. offshore installations where often larger and heavier doors are needed. Matching stainless steel L and T handles as well as swinghandles are available as are some 500 extruded rubber sealing profiles for door sealing.
Our range of enclosure hardware includes electronic locking systems, stainless steel hinges, spanner locks, wing handle/locks, 19 inch cabinet locks, HVAC locks and profile sealing strips for enclosure sealing in natural rubber, EPDM, neoprene and PVC.