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Home Centre of expertise for Biolocking technology

Centre of expertise for Biolocking technology

EMKA Single-factor, Multi-factor - front door, rear door linked data cabinet security

EMKA UK has a record of providing data centre security solutions based on our approach of locating biometrics at the cabinet door – an approach that enables multi-factor authentication and bulletproof security, with an indisputable audit trail.

With the recent launch of our Biolock demonstration kit, customers can now “try before you buy” so enabling the client to use and become compliant with the system in a controlled environment at their leisure with a simple introduction to the complete suite of items. Which can then be supported by a parallel phone or online conversation with the demonstrating EMKA engineer.

EMKA Biolock demonstration kit

The kit presents an opportunity for the client to get to see not just the software but the physical hardware and how they integrate into the anticipated installation.

Contact us here to discuss your biometric security needs.