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Catalogue Downloads

EMKA 2020-2021 Main Catalogue - Ingenious Locking Technology for Cabinets and Enclosures2020/2021 Main Catalogue – Ingenious Locking Technology for Cabinets and Enclosures

The new 2020/2021 main catalogue from EMKA covers their comprehensive range of ingenious locking technology for cabinets and enclosures which has earned the description of “everything but the enclosure” for the way in which specialist panel builders have come to rely on it for their high quality, easy to assemble locks, handles, hinges, swinghandles and gasket. Download the catalogue here.


EMKA 2020-2021 main catalogue supplement2020/2021 Catalogue Supplement – Ingenious Locking Technology for Cabinets and Enclosures

The EMKA Catalogue Supplement 2020/2021 – for the previous 2018/19 main catalogue – shows new products added during 2019/2020. These include quarter turns for quick fit assembly without tools, compression latches for vibration resistance, quarter turns for hygiene areas (to EHEDGE requirements), plugs and covers, new swinghandle and lifthandle programs, hinges for flush and protruding doors, new gasket sealing sections in resistant EPDM, and a new stainless steel rear mounted bow type handle for hygiene areas. Download the catalogue here.


EMKA Sealing Technology Made to Measure - Profiles and frames from In-House ProductionEMKA Sealing Technology Made to Measure Catalogue – Profiles and Frames from In-House Production

The New EMKA Sealing Technology 2020 Catalogue covers their made to measure Profiles and Frames which greatly enhance the performance and reliability of enclosure gasket installations. Download the catalogue here.


2018 EMKA Electronic and Biometric Locking Catalogue2018 Electronic and Biometric Locking Catalogue

Because threats to data security are internal to organisations as well as external, securing physical access to server cabinets is essential. That’s why corporations, military units and intelligence communities rely on EMKA-Digitus Biometrics, and stemming from this partnership there is now a full and free catalogue on the EMKA-Digitus range of Electronic and Biometric locking systems. This includes the world’s most flexible solution set for server-cabinet access control, with options for biometrics, proximity cards, smartcards, and PINs, including single- and dual-factor authentication. Download the catalogue here.


EMKA 2019 HVACR brochure2019 Ingenious locking technology for HVACR systems according to VDI 6022

EMKA not only provides every kind of gasket but also locking systems and hinges, i.e. complete HVACR door systems from a single ex-stock source – a program that stands out for its high quality and modular versatility in compliance with the relevant standards of the industry plus custom solutions for industrial applications. Download the catalogue here.


Innovations for HVACR Systems leaflet2018/2019 Innovations for HVACR Systems according to VDI 6022 at a glance

EMKA have detailed their latest HVACR related products under the “Innovations” banner and in line with the company philosophy of “everything but the enclosure” we again find product design and technological leadership. This approach benefits design engineers and installers alike with designed for purpose niche standard items which are easy to fit, fully meet industry requirements and save costs. Download the catalogue here.


EMKA 2018 Air Control Brochure2018 EMKA Air Control

Installing panels that do not leak is probably the main challenge of the HVACR industry. EMKA has solutions for both positive and negative differential pressure demands and are gasket experts in providing custom fit solutions to a wide variety of applications. Download the catalogue here.


EMKA 2018 Railroad Industry Catalogue2018 Ingenious Locking Technology for the Railroad Industry

Locks, hinges, gasketing and accessories for the Railroad industry from EMKA meet the specific requirements of the industry and corresponds to the relevant standards of the branch such as EN 45545 Railway applications – Fire Protection of railway vehicles. The wide product range comprises outdoor as well as indoor applications for railway vehicle construction. Download the catalogue here.


EMKA 2018 Ingenious Locking Technology for Mobile Homes and Trailers Catalogue2018 Ingenious Locking Technology for Mobile Homes and Trailers

For many years EMKA has been a major partner of the automotive and caravan/motor home industry and can supply locks, handles, hinges and gaskets, as well as customised components and systems for furnishing commercial and special vehicles. Download the catalogue here.


EMKA 2018 Gasket Profiles Catalogue2018 EMKA Gasket Profiles

Manufactured in the UK, EMKA UK supply stock gaskets for trains, automobiles, commercial vehicles and the glazing and enclosure Industry. Extruded gaskets are available in self-adhesive, self – gripping, channel fixing and push fit types. Gaskets produced in EPDM and with or without steel or wire inserted support. Dual hardness profiles are available. Download the catalogue here