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Biolock technology for industrial security

New 3500 program biometric locking system from EMKA offers greater personnel and data protection

We have discussed a lot in this blog and elsewhere about the need for physical security in relation to the obvious needs of Data Centres and Co-location cabinets to provide the ultimate in protection for valuable personal and national interest data-sets but it is important to not loose sight of the potential benefits of this technology for large industrial control systems where the need for remotely managed access and an indisputable audit trail may also be highly desirable.

Complex industrial systems are apparently significant considerations for attack either for reasons of national attack/defense as demonstrated by the Stuxnet incident or for commercial reasons. Where cyber attack is certainly considered a likelihood in this respect, then as we have seen with data centres, where online attack is an issue then physical insider breach is also likely to be a hidden threat of similar proportions. Biolock technology at the cabinet handle deals with these issues and can be equally effective in addressing other concerns such as limiting unintentional errors by unauthorised personnel, or intentional damage by vandals. EMKA BioLock - biometric technology at the handle for server security

Fingerprint access control and remote logging integrated into cabinet environmental systems offer operators the peace of mind and easy management that until now was considered only possible for big budget financial services and internet provider data centres.

Contact us to discuss how Biolock technology can help protect your power and control systems.