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EMKA 1185 swinghandle

Our extensive swinghandle program is complemented with this elegant 1185 push button swinghandle which has a flat design in robust zinc die offering a low profile for use in confined indoor or for outdoor areas. It offers protection to IP65 and is suitable for use with a cam or a rod door closure. Its low profile with push-button handle release provides protection against vandalism. A padlockable version is also available.

EMKA locks and latches

The basic concept of our modular system of locks and latches is so universal that we are constantly finding demand for new types and sizes – this means that we are always expanding our standard catalogue range. Part of this process is the development of specialist niche products to meet the needs of varying industries – see here for our industry sector by sector guidance.

New EMKA locking solutions for Commercial vehicles

EMKA have long seen ourselves market leaders in the field of specialist enclosure and cabinet hardware for both innovation and quality of engineering, so we are now delighted to announce updated guidance at the www.emka.co.uk website for design and production engineers working in the Commercial Vehicle industry.

EMKA locking solutions are of value for applications far removed from general industry, switch or control cabinets – especially for commercial vehicles, niche service vehicles such as horseboxes and caravans where closure and locking systems must blend into or be concealed from the visible surface for safety or aesthetic reasons. At the same time, these fittings feature high functionality, reliability and security allied to exceptional quality.

Our recently enhanced website offers guidance to this comprehensive product range of locking solutions for Commercial vehicles, characterized by modular design, versatility and high quality. The range includes locking solutions for utility vehicles like trucks, busses, mobile homes or trailers ​​ in compliance with the​ special ​requirements​ and standards of ​the​ sector. ​For example, DIN EN 61373 vibration-proof designed locks, undetachable foamed seals, in various materials and surface finishes, are available as standard products. They are supported by an experienced custom design/engineering team of great value since application-specific designs are a common requirement for commercial vehicles.

The EMKA engineering team has built their product portfolio around items such as the ePush lock (invisibly installed to open/close by simple push on the panel), an innovative compression latch with status indicator flap, 90° 3D hinges or specialized 180° gear hinges, gasketing for fire protection and special products like an eCam electromechanical latch and a new emergency hammer.

In our corporate Technology Centre 30 design engineers focus on the commercial vehicle sector to convert ideas into finished products and have so far tailored around 20,000 innovative locking solutions and gasketing profiles, that have been intensely tested in our internal test lab and taken into production.

EMKA locking solutions for the Railway industry

We are delighted to now offer a comprehensive range of door locking hardware for the Railway industry – to suit specialist cabinets on-board or lineside, as well as for passenger doors and storage lockers. Train installations are particularly rigorous with respect to special requirements for safety – even in the smallest detail. For example, the regulations on fire protection play a major role in this area where we provide customers with a complete system of closures, hinges, sealing and accessories that comply with the sectors’ standards. In addition, we offer a range of purpose-designed seals for interior and exterior use, which are integrated into a well-thought-out closure program specifically for the railway industry.

This Railway range is signposted in the new EMKA guidelines on our website which connects to a comprehensive range of locking solutions characterized by their modular design, versatility and high quality. The highest standards are guaranteed by our extensive manufacturing know-how and a production control process certified according to ISO 9001. We also provide individual special solutions derived from new customer design requirements.

Typical products include a compression latch with flap and optical opening indicator​ with an integral 90° opening flap that serves as a visual opening indicator, which is clearly visible when lock status is open/uncompressed​. There is also a quarter-turn railway lock for use outside the gasketed area and a Railway compression latch with opening indicator – the lock is both tamper and vibration proof as is the Safety latch lock with status marking. Further, there is a 90° 3D Hinge with integrated 3D adjustment by use of eccentric discs and a 180° concealed Gear hinge with 180° opening angle.

EMKA BioLock fingerprint technology for data centre security at the cabinet door

Our Electronic and Biometric locking systems allow installation of security to reach right to the cabinet door – ideal for Data Centres and other intrusion sensitive environments. Naturally for a complex application taking a long time to develop we recognise that communication, demonstration and evaluation are difficult stages in such a project, especially under shutdown Read more

Test Laboratory upgrade

Saltspray testing equipment at EMKA

In house accredited testing is vital to our custom and standard product development programs – it underpins quality throughout the creation cycle – so we are delighted that our newly relocated and expanded laboratory has recently been upgraded with new equipment. This upgrade allows an even stronger focus on customer applications, i.e. to define product Read more

EMKA silicone gasket – FDA compliant

These four new gasket sealing profiles are produced in FDA compliant silicone to suit food and pharmaceutical applications for panel doors and window inserts Read more

EMKA manufacturing capability

Our engineering team at EMKA pride themselves on their flexibility when catering for individual custom specifications – made possible by our uniquely high level of in-house production whereby we are in control of the entire production flow from the concept to the finished product. It is important to us that our large standard component production Read more

EMKA multi point twist-clamp-closure

Users of twist-clamp closures know that as soon as an enclosure or cabinet door or HVAC access flap is needs closing at several points, then a number of simultaneous manual operations are often necessary to secure it properly. With our new adaptive EMKA turn-clamp-lock system this usually tedious process is a thing of the past Read more

EMKA – Mechanical Engineering enclosure hardware

In our latest website guidance upgrade we are delighted to address the closure issues of control cabinets and enclosures in mechanical engineering, where they must meet the most diverse requirements, primarily of course the criteria of safety, locking and operating convenience as well as durability even under demanding conditions. Specialist panel builders serving this industry Read more

We have recently enhanced our online guidance for varying industrial sectors as an aid to specialist enclosure manufacturers. We recognise that the demand for high performing locking solutions is growing as the protection of data and equipment, in general, has become more and more important. Therefore, we are pleased to offer robust mechanical and advanced Read more

EMKA switch and control cabinet hardware

Our new locking systems guide by industry sector helps to show typical packages for your industry sector – matching locks, swinghandles, locking mechanisms, hinges and gasket to suit door requirements and to optimise your cabinet installation while saving costs Read more

Locking, hinging and sealing options for electrical and electronic cabinets – and for commercial and rail vehicles – and for caravans and motorhomes

A difficult and challenging year lies behind us – but now we are looking ahead, and we are starting the new year 2021 again committed to supporting our customers to the best of our ability and with due recognition of the present difficulties. We continue to maintain our philosophy to provide “everything but the enclosure” Read more

EMKA Happy New Year

We have all been away over the Christmas holiday and return to a different world with a Covid vaccine and Brexit finally done – we hope all our customers had a lovely break and have a prosperous 2021. We have stocked up and prepared so that we can continue to support the UK enclosure industry Read more