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4 reasons why Biometric security is the way forward

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In an increasingly digital word, protecting confidential information is becoming more difficult. Traditional passwords and keys no longer provide enough security to ensure that data is kept out of the hands of hackers and unauthorized individuals. Additionally, with more devices and platforms connected to the Internet of Things, the need for ironclad security is paramount. This is where biometric security can transform the technology sector. Biometric authentication devices use unique traits or behavioral characteristics, such as fingerprints and voice recognition, to authenticate access to electronic assets. Because biometric information is unique to each person, fingerprint scans, for example, are an excellent way to ensure that the identification of users is sophisticated and complex enough. Here are 4 reasons why biometrics represent the future of electronic security:

  • The IoT landscape is becoming more complex 
    ITProPortal pointed out that user authentication needs to be more sophisticated as the IoT world gets larger. Having a plethora of devices that rely on passwords for authentication makes them susceptible to hacking and unauthorized access because human error is always a very real possibility. Biometric security makes more sense in this picture because it is less susceptible to hacking and authentication is a lot less clumsy than typing in a password over and over again into each device.
  • Passwords are not enough
    With the rise in security breaches in recent years, many organizations believed that two-factor authentication would be the answer. While the logic is solid, the simple truth is that 2FA is built on a weak foundation because there is still a reliance on passwords.
  • Biometric security is more efficient
    Where passwords and physical tokens have fallen short, biometric authentication can succeed. Biometric authentication is an effective way to prove identity because it can’t be replicated.
  • More companies and institutions are embracing biometrics
    Financial institutions and government agencies have already migrated to biometrics as the most viable solution for data protection.