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Dual format authentication - the latest in EMKA biometrics

As our complicated world technologically evolves, challenges naturally ensue to harness and properly use the technology. These challenges become much more serious and difficult when the rate of technological change increases. As customers know, significant time is often necessary to understand, implement, experience, and adjust to the new technology if it is to be employed efficiently and effectively. If we are to embrace the productivity, operator value and other rewards that technological advances offer, the reality is that it is morphing at a historically high speed and there is every reason to believe that it will only continue accelerating with no pause in sight.

Without doubt, the most notable thing about biometrics is that, when used properly as a method of identification, it is completely accurate. Only you are you. And unlike a card, fob, token, password, PIN, photo or key, you are never misplaced, broken, forgotten or expired. The individual is ultimately the most convenient, definite and accessible verification of themselves – and since The Internet of Things increasingly forces technological interaction with everything, it is more important that access to all these things is enabled only by those who have the proper authority to do so.

That is why EMKA/Digitus Biometrics exists with a uniquely and properly designed biometric security to protect the things that it should, without compromising personal privacy, while providing ready access into and out of secure areas and enclosures to protect critical data, systems and assets. When it comes to accessing enclosures that house IT equipment, systems, hazardous materials, valuable assets and even private conversations, companies rightly need to objectively ensure that only those persons with a need to access the enclosure – the rack, cabinet, room, cage, vault – are allowed to do so under the parameters set by the organization’s security policy.

Cards alone can be awkward to manage. Aside from having to carry them or look geeky wearing them, they get lost, get technologically bypassed, require inventory management, and worse, get counterfeited and stolen. Biometrics, on the other hand remove all of these negatives. It used to be said that, by its nature, biometrics eliminated the plausible deniability that the unauthorized person had no fault in the breach. How many times has a security officer been told, “It wasn’t me!” claiming that the card/key/fob/token/password/PIN must have been misappropriated. But with Biometrics access solutions, not only is plausible deniability forever gone, but there is no longer any breach to even get to that point.

EMKA/Digitus Biometrics now provides the ultimate access security with devices to secure data equipment enclosures and pedestrian entrances, they recently announced the best of both worlds. The new DualLock combines biometrics and card technologies. Built directly into the data centre cabinet’s handle is the fingerprint reader and card reader, requiring dual-authentication at the cabinet!

No longer are “you” required to authenticate with just a card, or just a finger, or at the end of the row. Finally, there is an access security product on the market that ensures, without any doubt – at the enclosure door – that “you” are “you”, that you are permitted, and that you are doubly verified.

The greatest fear of advancing technology is that it outstrips our privacy and practical security. EMKA/Digitus products are designed to provide the best of all possibilities – and yes, it integrates with your enterprise access control software.

Contact us to discuss the use of dual format authentication with biometrics in your data centre.

EMKA fixed pin hinges

Many specialist enclosures are special because of size, shape, material gauge or some other factor that cannot be adequately accommodated from ex-stock suppliers. Nonetheless, special need not be complex or sophisticated and there are many virtues in the simple low cost and robust approach. This is exemplified in the selection of our enclosure hinges offered under the heading “fixed” which covers all those with fixed hinge pins where door removal is not required. High quality, high strength engineering ensures that they carry out a frequently arduous function at optimum cost.

This program of “fixed” hinges for cabinets and enclosures feature a selection of styles, for example there are flush types, screw-on or bolt-on ones, butt hinges or three part types with a floating pivot pin. These latter offer internal fixing for lay-on prominent doors and there are similar versions for flush doors with 180º opening.

There is even an adjustable hinge which allows variances in manufacture to be accommodated, of value for instance where multiple hinges on large unwieldy panels lead to tolerances accumulating over unusual lengths.

Clearly for specialist enclosures many size variations are offered to suit everything from the smallest wall mounted housing through to the largest cabinet or even acoustic cabin.

Materials offered vary also with a black or chrome zinc die being most popular. Alternatively stainless steel is available for many styles where ultimate strength or corrosion resistance is crucial.

EMKA 1000 wing knob compression latch

We try to pick out the most interesting new products for our blog posts and this means that we do not cover all new items – a comprehensive update can be viewed at our website http://www.emka.com/uk_en/products/product-news/ – at present we can see:

  • our new wing compression latch – shown above as discussed before Christmas
  • new locking hinge
  • Program 1022 Quick locking system
  • New clip-in hinge
  • New rod guide for round rods
  • rod guide for flat rods
  • Double Red compression latch

and many more – some more specialist and others of general interest. So remember whatever your specialist enclosure hardware needs we aim to supply “everything but the enclosure!

So if you don’t see what you need and it is intended for use on a cabinet or enclosure of some kind then please contact us – if we don’t have it as a standard item then we can pretty certainly make it.

Merry Christmas 2016 from EMKA
True 180° hinge from EMKA fits industry standard rivet nuts

Rapid assembly and true 180° opening are provided by this new 1056 series hinge by virtue of its design which enables use of industry standard M6 rivet nuts on specialist enclosures and cabinets where previously this may have been a problem. When fitted with a rivets nuts the hinge is 2 dimensionally adjustable by ±2mm - Read more ...

EMKA 1000 wing knob compression latch

Compression latches are increasingly popular for specialist cabinets and enclosures of all types – whether for their anti-vibrational characteristics or for superior sealing, and this new IP65 wing knob format version offers even wider utility. The wing knob design makes it suitable for a welter of low access security, high sealing protection roles where ingress - Read more ...

EMKA Cabinet Sentry – high security for small Data Centres

Our M.D. Andy Billingham recently explained – “Biometric technology at the cabinet is meeting the need for high level security at customer server cabinet enclosures, but the customer often wants the option of seamlessly tying it into their entry system and building management system as well”. “Until recently there was not a solution to accommodate this - Read more ...

Green production at EMKA

EMKA – preserving trees by green production

The general protection of the environment and the conscious use of natural resources is part of our fundamental business philosophy here at EMKA. The continuous execution of planning and implementation of the production flow, as well as technical changes to the building, are all visible consequences of this environmental awareness. This approach has resulted in the - Read more ...

EMKA BioLock – biometric technology at the handle

Our access security experts here at EMKA point out that current data centre security practices rely on three things to ensure the protection of data. First, keeping a thief out of the building; second, monitoring the system to detect the removal of a hard drive; finally, encrypting the data on that hard drive so that - Read more ...

Emka 1000 Program 1/4 turn locks

Our 1000 series of ¼ turn insert locks has been a core locking system for electrical/electronic enclosures and cabinets in Europe for over 40 years, and is often regarded as a major advance in design, typified by their common housing section, so enabling rapid installation via single hole fixing, using a standard “EMKA 20mm” square cut-out. We - Read more ...

EMKA server access control systems

Controlling movement within a data center is critical and mandated by a wide range of regulatory standards. Our server rack access systems can serve as multi-factor authentication solutions that can be deployed to meet your specific requirements. The EMKA solution can provide an extremely effective way to secure access to server cabinets using biometrics, iClass cards - Read more ...


Our new stainless steel hinges in AISI 316 offer all the high performance strength and advanced corrosion resistance benefits of that material. They are suited for use in especially demanding situations such as on cabinets and housings for use in tunnels or offshore. The presence of molybdenum in the 316 grade alloy confers a much improved - Read more ...

EMKA moulded sealing profiles in stock and custom sections

The increasing popularity of compression latches and locking mechanisms opens up wider possibilities for gasketing of cabinets and enclosures with many different types of sealing profile - perhaps softer or simply of larger dimensions or with different design of section - Read more ...

EMKA closing systems and latches

We are proud to consider that EMKA is the world leader for locking systems, hinges and sealing profile products for use in industrial cabinets and enclosures - for housing of electronics and electrical control systems. In the areas of HVAC air conditioning and transport, we believe that EMKA is one of the leading manufacturers of locking technology - Read more ...