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New 3500 program biometric locking system from EMKA offers greater personnel and data protection

In an increasingly digital word, protecting confidential information is becoming more difficult. Traditional passwords and keys no longer provide enough security to ensure that data is kept out of the hands of hackers and unauthorized individuals. Additionally, with more devices and platforms connected to the Internet of Things, the need for ironclad security is paramount. This is where biometric security can transform the technology sector. Biometric authentication devices use unique traits or behavioral characteristics, such as fingerprints and voice recognition, to authenticate access to electronic assets. Because biometric information is unique to each person, fingerprint scans, for example, are an excellent way to ensure that the identification of users is sophisticated and complex enough. Here are 4 reasons why biometrics represent the future of electronic security:

  • The IoT landscape is becoming more complex 
    ITProPortal pointed out that user authentication needs to be more sophisticated as the IoT world gets larger. Having a plethora of devices that rely on passwords for authentication makes them susceptible to hacking and unauthorized access because human error is always a very real possibility. Biometric security makes more sense in this picture because it is less susceptible to hacking and authentication is a lot less clumsy than typing in a password over and over again into each device.
  • Passwords are not enough
    With the rise in security breaches in recent years, many organizations believed that two-factor authentication would be the answer. While the logic is solid, the simple truth is that 2FA is built on a weak foundation because there is still a reliance on passwords.
  • Biometric security is more efficient
    Where passwords and physical tokens have fallen short, biometric authentication can succeed. Biometric authentication is an effective way to prove identity because it can’t be replicated.
  • More companies and institutions are embracing biometrics
    Financial institutions and government agencies have already migrated to biometrics as the most viable solution for data protection.
Emka 1211 gasket sealing profiles

Our 1011 series of standard profiles offers some 30 different types to suit all sorts of cabinet and housing applications for OEMs and specialist manufacturers. Sealing levels up to IP65 are possible and there are EMC variants with protective shield coatings that further enable manufacturers to achieve levels of EMC compliance in sensitive areas.

The 1011 series gasket construction often comprises mixed materials to ensure best performance, e.g. by using the durability of PVC with the flexibility of EPDM or the oil resistance of perbunan. Increasingly many sections are UL listed, e.g. to UL50 which defines them as suitable for outdoor applications while others are to UL94HB which refers to their self-extinguishing characteristics.

Simple manual fitment onto a door edge is quickly and easily achieved by using a spring steel core within the carrier section. This is complimented with solid, hollow, bubble and finger sealing sections, thus permitting either compression or wiping seals as required by the application.

The differences in requirement for compression are accommodated by sections with compression compliance of 2.5mm up to 11mm and even up to 30mm, dependant upon installation parameters.

EMKA 1225 series swinghandles and rod locks

Our 1225 Series is a range of specialist Locks and Handles designed especially for electrical cabinets, 19″ racks, roadside cabinets, wall boxes, cabinet suites, Motor Control Centres and related applications. They offer extremely simple fitment with screw-in assembly, IP65 protection or alternatively quick hook-in fixing, giving IP54. Customer logos can be presented on all escutcheons.

1225 program units can be non-locking or locking with various key combinations, including EMKA keys and other generic key lock types. The range covers swing handle options with a variety of locking solutions, some with fixed barrels, profile cylinders, padlock variants or special security options, such as KABA and ASSA. Different types of lock inserts may be selected from an extensive list, e.g. double-bit, square, triangular, also profile cylinder options include standard key, inserts, push button release, radial pin and radial pin push.

The whole 1225 series has polyurethane (PUR) injected foam gaskets on escutcheons for optimal sealing and performance up to IP65. An important feature of our offering in general is its modular interchangeability of components – the 1225 program exemplifies this in the flexibility of its configuration, where single, double, 3 and 5-point closure is possible. This is achieved with a standard 3-point cam and round rod system, giving single, double and 3-point options with shoot bolt rods, straight rods, roller ends (for smoother compression) and special variants to suit unusual applications. This is further extended with our standard multi-point flat rod system which greatly adds to customer choice options with various catching methodologies to complement different gasket compression requirements, e.g. twisted rods, roller rods, hooked rods and leading edge slides.

Flat rod systems may also be fitted inside or outside the gasketed sealing area (which maximises the useable door area) and they have the ability to lock around 90º corners – providing up to 5-point locking on doors from 800mm up to 2200mm high.

2 colour pad printing on enclosure hardware from EMKA UK

As the “Everything but the Enclosure” people, here at EMKA we have just made life a little bit easier for specialist enclosure and cabinet builders – you can now have standard 2 colour pad printing onto swinghandles, drawing pockets, air conditioning handles, drawer handles, L handles, T handles and even hinges as required.

Typical print requirements include corporate presentation, e.g. logos etc., safety information, operational directions (pull, push, rotate, slide down etc.), also technical information e.g. 400VAC etc. or other design graphics for branding.

While 2 colour is standard, more colours are possible to special request. Contact us to discuss your print needs for enclosure/cabinet hardware.

Enclosure hardware from EMKA for Air Conditioning Systems

Here at EMKA UK , as market leaders in enclosure hardware we are very aware of the special needs of the HVAC market which often calls for vibration resistance and adjustability of large access doors mounted on sturdy easily demountable hinges. The EMKA solution is typically a package of program 1000 compression T handle latch/lock - Read more ...

EMKA swinghandles

Our 1100 program of Swing Handles is under continuous development to meet the needs of specialist panel builders in the UK. This widely configurable range provides a structured set of key options, a small number of fixing hole formats and is designed to facilitate the interchange of most application components between different models, e.g. rod systems - Read more ...

Cabinet hardware from EMKA for multi-compartment control panels

Production of multi-compartment control panels is a specialist manufacturing job and requires simple standardised door locks, hinges and sealing strip, so it is fortunate that we have exactly such a package of easy to install modular hardware. This modular packaging makes it simple to select suitable locks, cams and hinge sizes with required fitting types. Our program - Read more ...

Low cost Fort lock range

Fort locks from EMKA

This lock range from our French sister company Fort are often of special interest for many types of low cost applications – such as recessed handles for vehicle storage boxes, or key locks for cabinets/lockers, desks, filing cabinets and cupboards. The Fort brand features a number of combination locks – ideal for changing room storage - Read more ...

Door panelware and security for server racks from EMKA UK

Server racks are a specialist type of cabinet often requiring the highest level in access control along with the simplest in hinging and gasketing. Primary concerns of course are regarding physical security and nullifying the possibility of data theft via removal of servers or connecting of unapproved memory devices such as thumb drives. Whereas the - Read more ...

UL Certification

UL - Underwriters Laboratories - is an independent global company that examines and certifies products with regard to nationally recognized standards for safety. This examination and certification is required on the US and Canadian markets but also for other UK export markets that use or recognise their standards and certification for components and equipment, and so is - Read more ...

Locking Technology notes

EMKA locks, handles, hinges, sealing strips, wireless locking

The continued development of cabinet hardware with enhanced security has always been important and accounted for much of the evolution in such products – over time we have seen a refinement of this process with major manufacturers bringing through countless small improvements in mainstream ranges as well as innovative solutions in new areas. Perhaps because this - Read more ...

Locks, hinges and gasket from EMKA for stainless steel enclosures

Our EMKA program of stainless steel  locks and stainless steel hinges – along with suitable gasket sealing profiles - is ideal for specialist stainless steel enclosures or for grp and highly finished steel housings where there is a need for high corrosion resistance and/or the high strength of stainless steel. This excellent utility largely stems from the EMKA - Read more ...

Hinges for flush doors

EMKA hinges for flush doors

Our series of hinges produced under the 1050 reference umbrella is specifically intended for use on doors that are set flush into a frame, either on a cabinet or on equipment such as machine guards or access panels. Because they are externally mounted many are designed with a particularly low profile, with concealed pivot pins and - Read more ...

hardware for electronic racks

Our modular approach to locks, hinges and sealing for electrical/electronic housings of all types spreads to the now traditional 19" Rack by way of swinghandles, rod locks, hinges and gaskets designed specifically to suit their indoor application. Swinghandles – within our present generation a novelty but now ubiquitous – have found a particular place in the - Read more ...