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EMKA 1000 wing knob compression latch

Compression latches are increasingly popular for specialist cabinets and enclosures of all types – whether for their anti-vibrational characteristics or for superior sealing, and this new IP65 wing knob format version offers even wider utility. The wing knob design makes it suitable for a welter of low access security, high sealing protection roles where ingress of dust and water is a problem, but where ready access is required for personnel, for example in high security areas.

Our 1000 wing knob compression latch with IP65 rating comes in 2 types, each with a full 6mm pull-down. The basic form is adjustable only by use of different cams – its’ companion however provides extra depth adjustment with a threaded rod which considerably extends the reach to match extra deep doors or frames.

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EMKA Cabinet Sentry - high security for small Data Centres

Our M.D. Andy Billingham recently explained – “Biometric technology at the cabinet is meeting the need for high level security at customer server cabinet enclosures, but the customer often wants the option of seamlessly tying it into their entry system and building management system as well”.

“Until recently there was not a solution to accommodate this need, but we have worked for some years with Digitus Biometrics to provide a biometric access solution embedded in the cabinet handle. This was initially launched with software that was independent from the enterprise management software because in fact many companies’ security teams prefer to have separate systems for their data centre and telco server racks versus their enterprise pedestrian doors and video solutions. Aside from some regulatory requirements dictating such separation, this preference was largely due to the EMKA Digitus system being seen as a superior data centre and specialty enclosure niche, whose monitoring, alerting and reporting capabilities were more reliable, secure, and user-friendly than existing enterprise access control systems. But lately, global companies who have invested large sums and resources into their enterprise access control management (ACM) systems have a strong economic and efficiency motivation (if not a corporate mandate) to integrate cabinet access controls into their enterprise ACM platform.”

Consequently EMKA/Digitus Biometrics have now announced a new technology partnership with the world-class BioConnect identity management platform, so that the db Bus and db Sentry provide full control for server cabinet access. The result is a new, fully-integrated solution that perfectly synchronizes with major ACM solutions.

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EMKA' summer "green" credentials

The general protection of the environment and the conscious use of natural resources is part of our fundamental business philosophy here at EMKA. The continuous execution of planning and implementation of the production flow, as well as technical changes to the building, are all visible consequences of this environmental awareness. This approach has resulted in the regular issuing of certification according to the international environmental management standard (DIN ISO 14001) by Germanischer Lloyd since January 2007.

The main features of this program are:

  • Solar energy plant on the roof top for water heating in the communal rooms
  • Closed coolant circulation in the plastic manufacturing
  • Reprocessing of water for the production process in zinc die casting manufacturing
  • Modernisation of the complete heating system. Individual parts of the production or office buildings can be heated by central programmable control technology
  • Further energy savings can be achieved with temperature reduction at night time and at the weekend
EMKA BioLock - biometric technology at the handle for server security

Our access security experts here at EMKA point out that current data centre security practices rely on three things to ensure the protection of data. First, keeping a thief out of the building; second, monitoring the system to detect the removal of a hard drive; finally, encrypting the data on that hard drive so that if the first two fail, the hardware is still useless to the thief. Despite these efforts, data theft still occurs with some frequency, which is why companies need to consider a change in their strategy, such as biometric security.

We believe that by implementing biometric technology at a different level of operations, such as the server rack itself, companies can optimize their security and establish a new line of defence that doesn’t interrupt workflow. Installing a fingerprint scanner on the server rack door handle won’t affect building access or other factors, but ensures that only authorized personnel can actually open the rack and remove hardware. This ensures security regardless of whether a thief manages to bypass the other security measures. Furthermore, it protects a company from theft by its own employees – one of the leading causes of data breaches seen worldwide.

Of course, as firms deploy server rack security solutions they may see other ways to improve their building access control with biometrics. By starting at a basic point of entry and deploying a high-quality biometric solution, a company can see the results and build from there, implementing biometrics where needed and avoiding a single large-scale investment that may not be cost effective immediately.

EMKA/Digitus Biometric solutions offer top of the line security for any company, but in the data centre it is particularly beneficial, providing front line protection for valuable or critical with information which is quickly becoming the currency of this digital age.

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Emka 1000 Program 1/4 turn locks

Our 1000 series of ¼ turn insert locks has been a core locking system for electrical/electronic enclosures and cabinets in Europe for over 40 years, and is often regarded as a major advance in design, typified by their common housing section, so enabling rapid installation via single hole fixing, using a standard “EMKA 20mm” square cut-out. We - Read more ...

EMKA server access control systems

Controlling movement within a data center is critical and mandated by a wide range of regulatory standards. Our server rack access systems can serve as multi-factor authentication solutions that can be deployed to meet your specific requirements. The EMKA solution can provide an extremely effective way to secure access to server cabinets using biometrics, iClass cards - Read more ...


Our new stainless steel hinges in AISI 316 offer all the high performance strength and advanced corrosion resistance benefits of that material. They are suited for use in especially demanding situations such as on cabinets and housings for use in tunnels or offshore. The presence of molybdenum in the 316 grade alloy confers a much improved - Read more ...

EMKA moulded sealing profiles in stock and custom sections

The increasing popularity of compression latches and locking mechanisms opens up wider possibilities for gasketing of cabinets and enclosures with many different types of sealing profile - perhaps softer or simply of larger dimensions or with different design of section - Read more ...

EMKA closing systems and latches

We are proud to consider that EMKA is the world leader for locking systems, hinges and sealing profile products for use in industrial cabinets and enclosures - for housing of electronics and electrical control systems. In the areas of HVAC air conditioning and transport, we believe that EMKA is one of the leading manufacturers of locking technology - Read more ...

EMKA Stainless Steel L Handle for padlock and stainless door/cover stay

This new 1000 program stainless steel L handle is both highly corrosion resistant and designed to accept a padlock for security. The AISI 316 handle features a padlockable mechanism below the L, further restricting access to the lock and enhancing security. The advanced properties of AISI 316 make this handle especially suited to offshore or - Read more ...

New 3500 program biometric locking system from EMKA offers greater personnel and data protection

In an increasingly digital word, protecting confidential information is becoming more difficult. Traditional passwords and keys no longer provide enough security to ensure that data is kept out of the hands of hackers and unauthorized individuals. Additionally, with more devices and platforms connected to the Internet of Things, the need for ironclad security is paramount. This - Read more ...

Emka 1211 gasket sealing profiles

Our 1011 series of standard profiles offers some 30 different types to suit all sorts of cabinet and housing applications for OEMs and specialist manufacturers. Sealing levels up to IP65 are possible and there are EMC variants with protective shield coatings that further enable manufacturers to achieve levels of EMC compliance in sensitive areas. The 1011 - Read more ...

EMKA 1225 series swinghandles and rod locks

Our 1225 Series is a range of specialist Locks and Handles designed especially for electrical cabinets, 19" racks, roadside cabinets, wall boxes, cabinet suites, Motor Control Centres and related applications. They offer extremely simple fitment with screw-in assembly, IP65 protection or alternatively quick hook-in fixing, giving IP54. Customer logos can be presented on all escutcheons. 1225 - Read more ...

2 colour pad printing on enclosure hardware from EMKA UK

As the “Everything but the Enclosure” people, here at EMKA we have just made life a little bit easier for specialist enclosure and cabinet builders – you can now have standard 2 colour pad printing onto swinghandles, drawing pockets, air conditioning handles, drawer handles, L handles, T handles and even hinges as required. Typical print requirements include corporate presentation - Read more ...