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Stainless steel AISI 316 hinges from EMKA for specialist cabinets

Our new stainless steel hinges in AISI 316 offer all the high performance strength and advanced corrosion resistance benefits of that material. They are suited for use in especially demanding situations such as on cabinets and housings for use in tunnels or offshore.

The presence of molybdenum in the 316 grade alloy confers a much improved degree of corrosion resistance compared to the more common 304 grade, especially in saline/chloride conditions, as well as a range of other industrial solvents.

The new introductions include the Program 1110 180° lift-off hinge for inline cabinets with adjacent doors, alongside the Program 1031 which is a 125° concealed hinge for single cabinets, with a retained hinge pin.

EMKA moulded section profiles

The increasing popularity of compression latches and locking mechanisms opens up wider possibilities for gasketing of cabinets and enclosures with many different types of sealing profile – perhaps softer or simply of larger dimensions or with different design of section.

EMKA closing systems and latches

We are proud to consider that EMKA is the world leader for locking systems, hinges and sealing profile products for use in industrial cabinets and enclosures – for housing of electronics and electrical control systems. In the areas of HVAC air conditioning and transport, we believe that EMKA is one of the leading manufacturers of locking technology.
Our product range comprises 15,000 articles developed, manufactured, processed and assembled at nine production sites in Germany, France, England, Spain, Bosnia, Serbia and China by a global team of 1,520 employees in 50 countries worldwide.

For customers this means that whether the need is for a standard or custom product solution they are dealing with a world class expert partner capable in the casting of stainless steel, spraying of zinc and high-performance plastics as well as in the extrusion of rubber and plastic profiles. Processes such as punching, bending, turning, milling, surface coating or powder coating as well as the final assembly of our standard modular product program ensure a unique vertical integration. An experienced team of designers, developers and engineers is available at EMKA for the development of individual customer solutions while our engineering and production teams set standards in quality, depth of production and delivery performance.

Stock holding, service and support at the local level ensure that our quality engineered products are delivered competitively in a timely manner.

Contact us to discuss your standard or custom needs.

EMKA Stainless Steel L Handle for padlock and stainless door/cover stay

This new 1000 program stainless steel L handle is both highly corrosion resistant and designed to accept a padlock for security. The AISI 316 handle features a padlockable mechanism below the L, further restricting access to the lock and enhancing security. The advanced properties of AISI 316 make this handle especially suited to offshore or coastal environments or other applications subject to saline/chloride exposure.

Alongside this new L handle we now offer an internally mounted 1050 program door or cover stay in AISI 304, which provides a locking mechanical prop to support heavy covers, or doors subject to wind forces when open. The 1050 stay is an important safety device in the protection of service personnel and to restrict door movement and consequential damage.

New 3500 program biometric locking system from EMKA offers greater personnel and data protection

In an increasingly digital word, protecting confidential information is becoming more difficult. Traditional passwords and keys no longer provide enough security to ensure that data is kept out of the hands of hackers and unauthorized individuals. Additionally, with more devices and platforms connected to the Internet of Things, the need for ironclad security is paramount. This - Read more ...

Emka 1211 gasket sealing profiles

Our 1011 series of standard profiles offers some 30 different types to suit all sorts of cabinet and housing applications for OEMs and specialist manufacturers. Sealing levels up to IP65 are possible and there are EMC variants with protective shield coatings that further enable manufacturers to achieve levels of EMC compliance in sensitive areas. The 1011 - Read more ...

EMKA 1225 series swinghandles and rod locks

Our 1225 Series is a range of specialist Locks and Handles designed especially for electrical cabinets, 19" racks, roadside cabinets, wall boxes, cabinet suites, Motor Control Centres and related applications. They offer extremely simple fitment with screw-in assembly, IP65 protection or alternatively quick hook-in fixing, giving IP54. Customer logos can be presented on all escutcheons. 1225 - Read more ...

2 colour pad printing on enclosure hardware from EMKA UK

As the “Everything but the Enclosure” people, here at EMKA we have just made life a little bit easier for specialist enclosure and cabinet builders – you can now have standard 2 colour pad printing onto swinghandles, drawing pockets, air conditioning handles, drawer handles, L handles, T handles and even hinges as required. Typical print requirements include corporate presentation - Read more ...

Enclosure hardware from EMKA for Air Conditioning Systems

Here at EMKA UK , as market leaders in enclosure hardware we are very aware of the special needs of the HVAC market which often calls for vibration resistance and adjustability of large access doors mounted on sturdy easily demountable hinges. The EMKA solution is typically a package of program 1000 compression T handle latch/lock - Read more ...

EMKA swinghandles

Our 1100 program of Swing Handles is under continuous development to meet the needs of specialist panel builders in the UK. This widely configurable range provides a structured set of key options, a small number of fixing hole formats and is designed to facilitate the interchange of most application components between different models, e.g. rod systems - Read more ...

Cabinet hardware from EMKA for multi-compartment control panels

Production of multi-compartment control panels is a specialist manufacturing job and requires simple standardised door locks, hinges and sealing strip, so it is fortunate that we have exactly such a package of easy to install modular hardware. This modular packaging makes it simple to select suitable locks, cams and hinge sizes with required fitting types. Our program - Read more ...

Low cost Fort lock range

Fort locks from EMKA

This lock range from our French sister company Fort are often of special interest for many types of low cost applications – such as recessed handles for vehicle storage boxes, or key locks for cabinets/lockers, desks, filing cabinets and cupboards. The Fort brand features a number of combination locks – ideal for changing room storage - Read more ...

Door panelware and security for server racks from EMKA UK

Server racks are a specialist type of cabinet often requiring the highest level in access control along with the simplest in hinging and gasketing. Primary concerns of course are regarding physical security and nullifying the possibility of data theft via removal of servers or connecting of unapproved memory devices such as thumb drives. Whereas the - Read more ...

UL Certification

UL - Underwriters Laboratories - is an independent global company that examines and certifies products with regard to nationally recognized standards for safety. This examination and certification is required on the US and Canadian markets but also for other UK export markets that use or recognise their standards and certification for components and equipment, and so is - Read more ...