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EMKA Swinghandles in diecast and stainless steel

Our 1100 program of Swing Handles is under continuous development to meet the needs of specialist panel builders in the UK. This widely configurable range provides a structured set of key options, a small number of fixing hole formats and is designed to facilitate the interchange of most application components between different models, e.g. rod systems, cams, cylinders and key options, to suit the needs of equipment manufacturers and installers.

1100 program handles have also now been developed for operation as part of EMKA’s innovative electronic lock system. In addition we have seen the introduction of the 1154 type as a vandal-resistant handle in both die-cast and stainless steel. Both with the handles recessed into the cabinet for additional security.

The 1100 series has been developed over many decades to give a broad coverage of customer needs – based initially on “the right sized handle to suit the door”. There are now five visually different groupings to suit varying cabinet styles.

Swing Handles were originally designed by EMKA for improved safety, looks and ergonomics, recently progress has been with a focus even more on safety, by further reducing the front protrusion when closed – such that now only a total 9mm is normal.

Long term evolution of this dynamic product range has encouraged the production of many specialist variants, e.g. push button, non-keyed, padlockables, combination locks, electronic lock and now more than 16 different cylinder variants – as well as the ability to accept other manufacturers cylinders, a requirement often found where large national users need to meet specific security policies or for national/international organisations who wish to standardise their security arrangements.

Naturally customised developments incorporate the standard modules wherever possible, e.g. by use of standard components in a special body to meet unusual design criteria, thus enabling customers to use differentiated body styles to provide brand recognition, customer logos and corporate colours for mouldings or paint finishes.

Present designs of 1100 Swing Handles utilise PUR polyurethane injected foam gasket for enhanced sealing and longevity – it also greatly aids speed of installation.

Cabinet hardware from EMKA for multi-compartment control panels

Production of multi-compartment control panels is a specialist manufacturing job and requires simple standardised door locks, hinges and sealing strip, so it is fortunate that we have exactly such a package of easy to install modular hardware.

This modular packaging makes it simple to select suitable locks, cams and hinge sizes with required fitting types.

Our program 1000 T Handle in polyamide is exactly such a lock; it comes standard to IP65 sealing with or without EK333 keyed locks and varying body lengths and cams of from 18mm up to 60mm to allow for varying depth combinations of doors and frames.

This traditional T handle is often matched with an 180° zinc die lift-off hinge such as the program 1110 which offers a variety of fixing methods including hex screw, countersunk screw, threaded pin and push tightening locating pins, so that doors may be both fitted and removed simply if required and adjacent doors do not interfere when opened.

As may be expected we also offer closed cell self-adhesive sealing strip to complete the package – supplied in 3mm up to 40mm thicknesses this EPDM or CR strip provides a simple solution to sealing against dust and water in the environments generally encountered with such installations. Non-elastic self-adhesive backing also helps to eliminate shrinkage which can often otherwise result in gaps at joints.

Fort locks from EMKA

This lock range from our French sister company Fort are often of special interest for many types of low cost applications – such as recessed handles for vehicle storage boxes, or key locks for cabinets/lockers, desks, filing cabinets and cupboards.

The Fort brand features a number of combination locks – ideal for changing room storage cabinets, as well as versions with master key override, which enables re-sequencing of locks, e.g.  when the cabinet is abandoned by its user. Indeed, most ranges can be mastered to permit central access to batched locks – typically, this would be an advantage in the storage of industrial clothing, such as in company lockers.

Other situations are particularly addressed by the very neat and compact radial pin lock, which offer some 10,000 key combinations. Indeed, the wide spread of Fort lock types provide many choices of barrel lengths, cam types and key options, e.g. 100, 200, 500, 2000 specific combinations dependant upon requirement – as well as providing many custom possibilities.

Unfortunately at the moment we can only link to a French language version of the catalogue so please do contact us for guidance and costings.

Door panelware and security for server racks from EMKA UK

Server racks are a specialist type of cabinet often requiring the highest level in access control along with the simplest in hinging and gasketing. Primary concerns of course are regarding physical security and nullifying the possibility of data theft via removal of servers or connecting of unapproved memory devices such as thumb drives. Whereas the ventilation needs of the housed equipment leads to lightweight largely perforated doors with little need for sealing externally but a need to maintain ventilation integrity, along with a simple cushioning requirement to absorb rattles and ensure correct feel and function of the door when required.

Such a package is provided with our program 3500 BioLock which adds high level fingerprint technology packaged at the door with the convenience of a low profile swinghandle, so ensuring that it really is the authorised person opening the door while ensuring gangways remain as narrow as practical – and snag free.

3500 BioLock can be used on individual racks or suites and integrated into site-wide monitoring/control systems.

The requirement for door hinging is met with the captive pin program 1031 for lay-on doors and suits the narrow 25mm return used on such lightweight fabrications. Hinge pins on the 1031 may be readily withdrawn but are held captive. For especially light doors and side panels the 1117-U6 pin hinge is a simple, low cost, push-fit solution.

Sealing and vibration absorption of these lightweight doors is very effectively managed with a simple clip-on D profile gasket strip such as the EMKA 1011-24 which is self-gripping on flanges of 1mm to 2mm while providing up to 2.5mm of compression to ensure that unwanted materials are kept out and that the internal ventilation is not compromised by leaky door flanges.

UL Certification

UL - Underwriters Laboratories - is an independent global company that examines and certifies products with regard to nationally recognized standards for safety. This examination and certification is required on the US and Canadian markets but also for other UK export markets that use or recognise their standards and certification for components and equipment, and so is - Read more ...

Locking Technology notes

EMKA locks, handles, hinges, sealing strips, wireless locking

The continued development of cabinet hardware with enhanced security has always been important and accounted for much of the evolution in such products – over time we have seen a refinement of this process with major manufacturers bringing through countless small improvements in mainstream ranges as well as innovative solutions in new areas. Perhaps because this - Read more ...

Locks, hinges and gasket from EMKA for stainless steel enclosures

Our EMKA program of stainless steel  locks and stainless steel hinges – along with suitable gasket sealing profiles - is ideal for specialist stainless steel enclosures or for grp and highly finished steel housings where there is a need for high corrosion resistance and/or the high strength of stainless steel. This excellent utility largely stems from the EMKA - Read more ...

Hinges for flush doors

EMKA hinges for flush doors

Our series of hinges produced under the 1050 reference umbrella is specifically intended for use on doors that are set flush into a frame, either on a cabinet or on equipment such as machine guards or access panels. Because they are externally mounted many are designed with a particularly low profile, with concealed pivot pins and - Read more ...

hardware for electronic racks

Our modular approach to locks, hinges and sealing for electrical/electronic housings of all types spreads to the now traditional 19" Rack by way of swinghandles, rod locks, hinges and gaskets designed specifically to suit their indoor application. Swinghandles – within our present generation a novelty but now ubiquitous – have found a particular place in the - Read more ...

EMKA hardware package for small housings and boxes for electrical or electronic equipment

Small housings and boxes for electrical or electronic equipment require appropriate door hardware such as our small quarter-turn 1022 range. These robust low-cost locks in zinc die or polyamide offer insert key or cylinder lock closure in a body format of 20mm diameter, and so take up minimal space on the door itself. The 1022 range - Read more ...

EMKA hardware package for specialist industrial cabinets

Free standing control cabinets, suites of cabinets, industrial cabinets for many purposes, all share the need for secure door closure and sealing – which is where we come in with our package of “everything but the cabinet”. Typically, door closure is taken care of with a traditional L handle such as the 1000 program, either non-locking or - Read more ...

EMKA hinges for traditional panel doors

Use of a traditional lay-on protruding door has a number of advantages in electrical or electronic control enclosures since it ensures the greatest usable door area almost to the width of the frame and can often open to 180º even when cabinets are mounted side by side. We have therefore developed an extensive range of hinge - Read more ...

Aluminium doors and instrument panels are an essential feature of some applications, e.g. in electronics on controls desks or for display panels. In these situations we offer aesthetic aluminium frame technology, engineered to suit specialist cabinets in standard or custom sizes. They are designed as tamper resistant see-through covers for instrumentation or other information e.g. announcement - Read more ...

Wall mounted enclosure hardware from EMKA includes quarter-turn locks, wing knobs, hinges and rubber gasket strip

For many years our slogan here at EMKA has been “Everything but the Enclosure” –  which we intend to convey our commitment to providing enclosure hardware so that specialist metal workers and panel makers can manufacture high quality enclosures which suit the needs of the electrical controls industry, and the many other related industries who share the - Read more ...