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EMKA2821 - hardware for electronic racks

Our modular approach to locks, hinges and sealing for electrical/electronic housings of all types spreads to the now traditional 19″ Rack by way of swinghandles, rod locks, hinges and gaskets designed specifically to suit their indoor application.

Swinghandles – within our present generation a novelty but now ubiquitous – have found a particular place in the world of electronic racking by way of their stylish appearance and narrow footprint. The 1325 program is a prime example of this successful design configuration – in particular it offers quick fitting with standard cut-outs and the ability to exchange locking sets – profile half cylinder, electromechanical, round cylinder and insert may be exchanged at any time with IP40 or IP65 sealing. The swinghandle design is particularly suited to multi-point closure using either round or flat rod systems – many of which are available to suit specific requirements.

Situated indoors such electronic racks require primarily simple protection against ingress of solid objects including dust, so the preferred choice is usually selected from the 1016 closed cell, self-adhesive series – with the alternative 1038 section available where an edge fitted profile is required.

Lightweight and narrow doors of course require matching hinges with minimal ingress into the door itself – such a system is the 1032 in steel or stainless steel to fit 22 or 26mm door returns. Fitted and dismounted quickly with removable hinge pins, the 1032 program offers 120° opening for suited racks.

EMKA hardware package for small housings and boxes for electrical or electronic equipment

Small housings and boxes for electrical or electronic equipment require appropriate door hardware such as our small quarter-turn 1022 range. These robust low-cost locks in zinc die or polyamide offer insert key or cylinder lock closure in a body format of 20mm diameter, and so take up minimal space on the door itself. The 1022 range is also available in stainless steel where needed.

Our hinging solution for small boxes is often provided by the 1056 clip-together polyamide program with countersunk machine screw or expanding plastic rivet fixing. These are available in compact 40x40mm or 50x50mm sizes.

Sealing of these small housings is typically taken care of with a sealing profile such as the 1038 gasket in EPDM which provides a simple edge seal and easy fitment with self-grip design to suit a flanged door panel in 1.0 to 1.6mm steel.

EMKA hardware package for specialist industrial cabinets

Free standing control cabinets, suites of cabinets, industrial cabinets for many purposes, all share the need for secure door closure and sealing – which is where we come in with our package of “everything but the cabinet”.

Typically, door closure is taken care of with a traditional L handle such as the 1000 program, either non-locking or key locked and available in chrome or black zinc die, as well as in polyamide. Manual operation is normally facilitated by one of our modular rod locking systems – using either round or flat rods supported by a choice of some 17 rod guide designs which enable robust and quick assembly of a multi-point closure system. Multi-point closure implies a compressible gasket to provide sealing and a suitable solution is often the 1011 series of clip-on “P” section sealing strips which grip the cabinet flange so as to seal on the door.

Hinging for such an installation is often provided by the 1110 program of quick-fit 180° hinges. These robust chrome or black zinc die hinges may be rapidly fitted/demounted by virtue of their pull out retaining hinge pin with the whole assembly securely concealed behind the door flange.

EMKA hinges for traditional panel doors

Use of a traditional lay-on protruding door has a number of advantages in electrical or electronic control enclosures since it ensures the greatest usable door area almost to the width of the frame and can often open to 180º even when cabinets are mounted side by side. We have therefore developed an extensive range of hinge types under the 1030 series umbrella, so as to ensure that builders of custom and standard panels can easily find a suitable item for flange returns within the 16mm to 25mm range, or greater.

The EMKA 1030 series hinges feature types which fit externally and versions which are concealed internally. Installation methods include screws, welding or stud fixing. All the 1030 series may be demounted with the door open to improve access to the interior or to door mounted equipment during maintenance or build/installation. This has been achieved by use of a lift-off design or removable pins.

This type of cabinet comes in many different types and sizes and are used in environments from offices/factories to oil rigs – so 1030 series hinges are supplied in a range of appropriate materials and finishes. These include: mild steel in ready for weld and paint, or zinc plated; zinc die cast finished in chrome or black powder coat; or stainless steel, for the best in strength and corrosion resistance.

Up to 2m plus height door units are catered for using multiples of 2, 3 or 4 hinges per door, in order to accommodate the weight of the door itself and its indicators, controls etc.

Aluminium doors and instrument panels are an essential feature of some applications, e.g. in electronics on controls desks or for display panels. In these situations we offer aesthetic aluminium frame technology, engineered to suit specialist cabinets in standard or custom sizes. They are designed as tamper resistant see-through covers for instrumentation or other information e.g. announcement - Read more ...

Wall mounted enclosure hardware from EMKA includes quarter-turn locks, wing knobs, hinges and rubber gasket strip

For many years our slogan here at EMKA has been “Everything but the Enclosure” –  which we intend to convey our commitment to providing enclosure hardware so that specialist metal workers and panel makers can manufacture high quality enclosures which suit the needs of the electrical controls industry, and the many other related industries who share the - Read more ...

Really useful Downloads

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Our website downloads section is full of really useful material relating to all the business units we cover as well as other support information including assembly data, conformance certificates etc as follows: Industry catalogues - complete catalogue, updates, specialist materials such as gasket profiles etc. Transport equipment catalogues Electronic and Biometric locking systems Production related - Read more ...

EMKA custom production casting

Our business division "EMKA Production" provides custom products according to customer drawings using ultra-modern machinery with an extensive expertise in different manufacturing processes across a wide range of materials and technologies.       These include core areas of casting steel, injection molding of aluminum, zinc and high-performance plastics and in the extrusion of rubber and plastic profiles - other manufacturing - Read more ...

EMKA Biometric Swinghandle

Security Today is more than Just Locking - today, the standard set for modern IT–Infrastructure requires the highest level of physical security and has driven the development forward from a purely mechanical handle to a mechatronic handle system. This is something which our Electronics Business unit understands very well, which is why we developed our Biometric - Read more ...

1000 program polyamide housing for EMKA quarter-turn locks

Our market leading quarter-turn locks in the 1000 program have recently been given an alternative 30mm housing in polyamide which offers lower cost and better outdoor longevity for these popular locks. 1000 program locks offer sealing to IP65 and above dependant on specification. Now it is possible to select this polyamide housing combined with stainless steel - Read more ...

EMKA quarter turn locks

For many years the EMKA slogan has been "Everything but the Enclosure" - intended to convey our commitment to providing enclosure hardware so that specialist metal workers and panel makers can manufacture high quality enclosures which suit the needs of our electrical controls industry and the many other related industries who share the same physical - Read more ...

¼ turn lock for transport vehicles takes plug-in cylinders

Our new 1000 series ¼ turn lock is designed especially to accept plug-in cylinder barrels which need no securing screw for permanent fixture. There is nothing therefore to work loose and the cylinder is resistant to abusive use so being suitable for caravans, utility vehicles, specialist bodied trailers and trucks. The plug-in system 3 employed in - Read more ...

friction hinge with adjustable torque

Our new 1056 friction hinge is a 180° adjustable hinge unit which provides a simple support for lift up covers and doors in place of a separate cover or door stay. 1056 friction hinges thus save time at installation and in operation, at the same time providing safe control of hinged panels while servicing or adjustment - Read more ...

Locking, Hinging, Sealing and Custom Solutions for Road and Rail

Following our theme of the EMKA Business Unit structure we can see that for many years EMKA has been a major partner of the automotive, rail and related industries. At our in-house technology center we have developed standard product solutions and customized components and systems for furnishing commercial and special road vehicles and rail applications both on track and - Read more ...