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EMKA fixed pin hinges

Ease of working and accessibility are major factors in the installation of electrical systems in enclosures. Consequently as the UK’s premier supplier of enclosure furniture to specialist manufacturers we have made a point of featuring simple door removal in the design and fitment of our many ranges of hinge styles.

The comprehensive EMKA hinge program covers many standard types for prominent (lay-on) doors or flush fit doors. For example concealed hinges are available to suit both door types with a selection of lift off features. Similarly with external hinges for traditional prominent doors.

Door removal by simple lift off or pin removal is a great advantage in the workshop when instrument holes have to be punched in doors or the ability to lay a door face down can speed wiring of graphics panels, meters, push-buttons etc.

Hinges which come apart in this way are available in many styles – for example weld-in with lift out pin or external torpedo type either for weld-on or bolt-on fitment. Yet others have the added security of removable circlips on the hinge pin.

Responding as we do, to customer demand, we now provide many fixing options with each half screwed on, one half screwed/one half welded, both halves welded or perhaps most cleverly of all a simple drop-in concealed pin fix so that no tools are required to fit or remove the hinge at all, even further reducing assembly time.

Materials of these clever designs are predominately zinc die (finished in black or chrome) with increasing interest in moulded black polyamide. Stainless steel – especially specified for food industry or unusually corrosive applications, is also an option for many lift-off hinge types.

EMKA external hinges for cabinets and enclosures

We have a complete system of external hinges comprising over 70 types specifically designed for the specialist enclosure and panel manufacturer. Availability is on an ex-stock 24-hour delivery basis, covering standard finishes in black or chrome, with variants in stainless steel for corrosive/biohazard situations.

Virtually all imaginable hinge styles are offered, to suit design requirements of individual cabinets. Thus there are slim hinges for flush and prominent doors, with fixed or removable operation. Similarly there are pin hinges and butt types, also self aligning lift off versions which save struggling with awkward heavy doors to align hinge pins.

Each type is available in a range of sizes to accommodate visual and mechanical loading criteria. Studded, countersunk and weld-on fixing styles are offered dependant upon the type of pivot system required and intended placement. With over 70 separate types in the EMKA catalogue most requirements can be met from stock to meet specific aesthetic, structural or material considerations, however where this is not possible a custom design service is operated to supply specialist items.


EMKA compression locking hinge for HVAC installations

This new concept locking hinge provides HVAC manufacturers with a full multi-function hinge/latch/lock for securing of big air conditioning units and similar. It provides door adjustment for correct sealing, 5mm gasket pull down with pressure relief and the ability to be used as both door lock and hinge.

This remarkable new locking hinge provides an independent 3D adjustable hinge facility integrated into a compression latch/lock with decompression function. Users can thereby adjust door alignment and open the door, either right hand or left hand hinged – or remove completely. The decompression feature is important for HVAC allowing any over/under-pressure to be vented safely before opening. Locking options include standard round cylinder options.

The EMKA Compression Latch-Hinge is designed to meet the particular demands of the HVAC industry with features that provide ease of assembly, adjustability, pressure differential accommodation, and flexibility for the end user. Once assembled to the door the EMKA compression latch can be adjusted to properly mate to the cabinet by moving both vertically and horizontally. Then after installation the alignment of the latch can be adjusted to eliminate leaks. The latch will then prevent the door from opening fully until pressure has been equalised.

Contact us for details of this and other companion HVAC hardware – also see our main website.

EMKA PROflex Inspection Windows for infrequently accessed equipment

Our PROflex 1210 program inspection windows offer a simple and aesthetic way of protecting infrequently accessed equipment such as meters, reset buttons, indicators/lamps and instruments as used on fire alarm and suppression systems or engineering controls. Typical usage may be seen in the gas industry for flare control and monitoring panels as used with gas analysers, telemetry panels, gas boosters and purging equipment.

1210 program aluminium windows provide visual observation while enabling rapid access when required – and ensuring protection against accidental operation or tampering. The 1210 program comes in self-assembly DIY format or fully glazed and assembled and is available in two formats – with 30mm depth frame for deeper items – up to 47mm – and without depth frame to cover shallow instruments or screens – up to 18mm.

DIY assembly greatly reduces volume of the package while allowing the customer to glaze as they wish. Fully assembled units are supplied with acrylic, polycarbonate or Alucabond – an aluminium/plastic/aluminium bonded sandwich for use as an operating panel which allows access behind front mounted equipment.

Standard profile locks, inserts and wing knobs ensure appropriate access and security levels in industrial or more office-like environments. Dimensions up to 2000 x 1000mm may be accommodated.

EMKA rod locks, 1/4 turns with L and t handles

Locking systems are a significant area of cabinet functionality and cost. Consequently our rod locking system has addressed this by standardising on a single 20.1mm rounded square cutout and by use of an extensive range of compatible components. This minimises tooling, speeds punching and streamlines lock installation irrespective of type or size. The EMKA cutout is - Read more ...

Dual format authentication – the latest in EMKA biometrics

As our complicated world technologically evolves, challenges naturally ensue to harness and properly use the technology. These challenges become much more serious and difficult when the rate of technological change increases. As customers know, significant time is often necessary to understand, implement, experience, and adjust to the new technology if it is to be employed - Read more ...

EMKA fixed pin hinges

Many specialist enclosures are special because of size, shape, material gauge or some other factor that cannot be adequately accommodated from ex-stock suppliers. Nonetheless, special need not be complex or sophisticated and there are many virtues in the simple low cost and robust approach. This is exemplified in the selection of our enclosure hinges offered - Read more ...


We try to pick out the most interesting new products for our blog posts and this means that we do not cover all new items - a comprehensive update can be viewed at our website http://www.emka.com/uk_en/products/product-news/ - at present we can see: our new wing compression latch - shown above as discussed before Christmas new locking hinge Program 1022 - Read more ...

True 180° hinge from EMKA fits industry standard rivet nuts

Rapid assembly and true 180° opening are provided by this new 1056 series hinge by virtue of its design which enables use of industry standard M6 rivet nuts on specialist enclosures and cabinets where previously this may have been a problem. When fitted with a rivets nuts the hinge is 2 dimensionally adjustable by ±2mm - Read more ...

EMKA 1000 wing knob compression latch

Compression latches are increasingly popular for specialist cabinets and enclosures of all types – whether for their anti-vibrational characteristics or for superior sealing, and this new IP65 wing knob format version offers even wider utility. The wing knob design makes it suitable for a welter of low access security, high sealing protection roles where ingress - Read more ...

EMKA Cabinet Sentry – high security for small Data Centres

Our M.D. Andy Billingham recently explained – “Biometric technology at the cabinet is meeting the need for high level security at customer server cabinet enclosures, but the customer often wants the option of seamlessly tying it into their entry system and building management system as well”. “Until recently there was not a solution to accommodate this - Read more ...

Green production at EMKA

EMKA – preserving trees by green production

The general protection of the environment and the conscious use of natural resources is part of our fundamental business philosophy here at EMKA. The continuous execution of planning and implementation of the production flow, as well as technical changes to the building, are all visible consequences of this environmental awareness. This approach has resulted in the - Read more ...

EMKA BioLock – biometric technology at the handle

Our access security experts here at EMKA point out that current data centre security practices rely on three things to ensure the protection of data. First, keeping a thief out of the building; second, monitoring the system to detect the removal of a hard drive; finally, encrypting the data on that hard drive so that - Read more ...